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Welcome to Ladies On The Shelf!

In the early days of high school we three young ladies bonded over Harry Potter, The Princess Bride, and all things young adult and full of feels. Now we’re grown-ass ladies who span a continent, but thanks to the internet, we still find ourselves regularly getting together to discuss our love of literature, libraries, and ladies (literary ones).

​Here you’ll find an accumulation of things we like, stuff we do and of course, what we’re reading.

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About Erin:
Although she claims to be a life-long book nerd, Erin’s love of literature actually began when she received her first library card on a kindergarten field trip. She loves science fiction, fantasy, young adult fiction, historical romance novels, and classics that have been made into movies starring Michael Fassbender.

Favorite authors: Stephen King, Melina Marchetta, Catherynne M. Valente

About Jessi:
Jessi is a self-deprecating, trashy book reading, rambling, frizzy haired recluse. (How’m I doin’ so far?) She likes to read, sleep, and use words out of context. (Schadenfreude!) Her favorite books are those that have a little romance in them. If there is none, she feels obliged to give a character or two their own charming/tragic lovey-dovey backstory. Why? Because.

About Caitlin:
Communications professional by day, geek by night. Caitlin errs on the science fiction/fantasy side, but has a long time love for books with pictures. Err, comic books. She means comic books.

Favorite authors: Neil Gaiman, Bill Willingham, Terry Pratchett

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  1. Caitlin dropped by and followed my blog, which is always appreciated, so I’ll be dropping by here to check out your opinions and postings.

    Loved Caitlin’s recap of Season 4 Game of Thrones.

    Best regards,


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