Girl, you gotta a fine glass…slipper-Film Fest Friday

Book release: Let’s not get technical
Movie release: 2015
Where to watch: At the movie theater unless your a naughty pirate (a naughty piracy pirate)

Once upon a release date, Jessi went to see this movie all alone.

…Could I have waited for some friend’s calendar to clear up? Yes, but I need to see this immediately. I’ve been waiting (more like squee!-ing) for this one since the first teaser. I love, just love, fairy tales and their many adaptations. (I’m NOT talking to you, Ella Enchanted the movie atrocity. I will hate you until the end of time.)

The story:

After a bit of tragedy, a girl becomes a servant in her own home. Her stepfamily is bad news, but after a royal ball or three, *spoiler alert* she marries a prince.

Better in the movie:

  • If I’m being honest, throughout the movie a small smile touched my lips and a few of tears glistened in my eyes. I’m a sap, okay? Whether or not this adaptation was girl power enough for you, it was achingly lovely and very Disney without being goofy. (See what I did there?) Confession: I liked it better than the cartoon. Gasp!
  • Cate Blanchett is an angel. Okay, she’s not so much an angel in the movie since she plays the not-so-buena stepmother. However, every time she appeared on screen in her gorgeous ensembles and with all of that bone structure she’s got going on, I think somewhere a fairy godmother l got her wings.

Worse in the movie:

  • I have a book of fairy tales with gilded pages and colorful initials making every reading of “once upon a time” in print a little magic moment. This is especially true when said wonderfully clichéd phrase read aloud in a psudo-Enlgish accent. (Not that I do that or anything.)
  • There are countless versions of this story from so many different times and cultures. This movie was a classic take on Cinderella with an emphasis on kindness and strength. I didn’t mind that, but others may be wondering if it could have been revamped a bit.


And they lived happily ever after, or, as the kids say it, HEA.

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