Who Wrote It Better: February Edition

As embarrassing as it may be for one celebrity to be caught wearing the same thing as another, many of us common folk find true delight in comparing the two and declaring a winner. This fashion face-off of “Who Wore It Better?” has inspired a literary twist in the form of a bookish battle we call “Who Wrote It Better?”


Shakespeare’s turn of phrase is better than Right Said Fred’s little turn on the catwalk. (Yeah, on the catwalk!) Why isn’t “February face” a thing? Because it It isn’t. I checked UrbanDictionary. This melodious phrasing will no doubt be better received than telling someone they look miserable/irritable/moody/crabby/cranky/grouchy/testy. It could, at the very least, be a Monday morning saver (because February faces do Monday mornings make), and, at the very most, save a friendship.

There’s something about Jenny Han’s use of “infinity” that makes my inner teen heart pitter-patter faster than the gone-in-a-blink Winkers Jeans fashion fad went out of style. Said heart is filled with more hope than the possibility that the double tie look seen in Back to the Future II becomes a thing in my lifetime. So it sounds like a cheap date…What a romantic gesture!

The win, of course, goes to Shakespeare. This is like comparing a cute, trendy, fresh-face to the classic, pageboy bobbed Anna Wintour. When Anna speaks, we listen, and the same goes for Billy. Did I just compare the Bard of Avon to Nuclear Wintour? You bet your Apple Bottom booty I did.

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