2015 Academy Awards: Literary(ish) Drinking Games and Live Blogging

Image Source: oscars.go.com

Image Source: oscars.go.com

The 87th Annual Academy Awards are tonight! 

Sure, the Academy Awards are all about movies, but as we see time, and time again, our favorite thing – books – inspire the silver screen even more than Jennifer Lawrence. We think that’s as fine a reason as any to tune into the event (and of course to gossip about all the best star fashions).

Exactly which movies were inspired by books this year? Here’s a pretty conclusive list by The Reading Room to help you sort it out. Note that 6 adaptations were nominated for best picture, actor or actress. Here’s another great breakdown from the NYPL, if you’d like further details.

In honor of tonight’s we’ll be live tweeting at @LOTSBlog, guest-blogging along with the event with a pal at Chinese Buffet blog, and partaking in one of Caitlin’s favorite things: a drinking game.
Here’s the rules, if you want to play along:
Take a swig every time: 
– An actor is played off the stage during an acceptance speech
– Someone makes a joke about Fifty Shades of Grey (and cry a little, because are we done talking about this yet?)
– An actor self-promotes his/her next project (announcer does not count)
– When the camera pans the losers after an award is given (better luck next time, Slytherin)
– Batman/Michael Keaton references are made (can we give the guy a break yet? He’s surpassed the Dark Knight)
-When you wish the Oscar would portkey an actor away during an awful acceptance speech
Finish your drink when: 
A movie inspired by a book wins an award
– An author is thanked in an acceptance speech (we are a literature blog, after all)
– Neil Patrick Harris does a song and/or dance number
– Someone says “The book was better.” (Someone always says it. Is it you??)
Drink someone else’s drink when:
– Someone mentions Kanye. Better drink all of it.
From Eric of Chinese Buffet Blog
– if Boyhood wins best picture: drink a bottle of your parents’ vodka and refill it with water and hope they don’t find out
Cheers! Happy Academy Awards, and may the best movies win!
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