True Life: Our High School Friend is a Romance Cover Model

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We’ve known Brian Watson a long time. We’ve known him since his fluffy-haired high school days, when we used to make inside jokes about Homestar Runner and pass notes in between classes. My, how long ago those days seem!

Proof we don't make up models: bloggers Erin (left) and Jessi (middle) cheering at a basketball game with Brian circa 2004 (and Krystle in the front - hi Krystle!)

Proof we don’t make up models: bloggers Erin (left) and Jessi (middle) cheering at a basketball game with Brian circa 2004 (and Krystle in the front – hi Krystle!)

Imagine our surprise when our old poofy blonde friend turned up in the most unexpected place: on the cover of a romance novel! Turns out it was a surprise to Brian as well – having had free head shots taken in exchange for rights to use the pictures in advertising, this was the last place he expected to turn up.

And yet, dear Brian Watson’s face continues to make appearances on these racy tomes! We’ve seen him on seemingly every genre of badly photoshopped cover, from Pixie The Lion Tamer, Winning The King, Promise Me Light, and to, delightfully, Heat Wave (Riders Up Book 2) – and that’s just the beginning!

Blogger Caitlin and Brian... Possibly practicing a cover pose? (We'll call it the reverse Fabio).

Blogger Caitlin and Brian… Possibly practicing a cover pose? (We’ll call it the reverse Fabio).

It’s an unusual experience to see the face of a boy you once went trick-or-treating with smoldering on the cover of a book about a scandalous racehorse trainer. Even stranger still – and honestly, entirely hilarious – to have good ol’ B-Dub’s face in mind when reading the escapades of a coach with unorthodox discipline methods. Oh! Our little Brian! How will we ever look at you the same way?

Is Brian the choirboy we knew, or has he moved on to a, uh… more tawdry lifestyle to match his sultry cover life? We sat down with him to find out.

Occupation: Personal Trainer
Location: Hollywood, CA
Favorite book(s): Of Mice and Men, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Giving Tree, Everyone Poops
Coffee?: Black…or with Girl Scout Samoa cookie creamer

So… When did you first know you were the man of romance novel readers’ dreams?
I think it happened like most of my “appearances” where I will be going about my everyday life and someone will pop up on Facebook like “…Dude….is this you??” I still remember a feeling of shock, excitement, and pure comedy. I never thought in a million years I would be finding my face on housewives’ bookshelves.

What’s life as a cover boy like?
It is pretty normal. Every now and then someone will tell me they saw me in a magazine or saw my face on an advertisment for “Caribbean Singles”, you know, the usual. It was pretty surreal going to the O.C. Romance Novel signing, having women blush and giggle like school girls just by looking at me. That’s when I found out I had a secret underground following – which was kind of creepy at first, but now I get to see what they all say about me in their blogs and posts, it cracks me up.

What’s Fabio like in person? Is he dreamy?
Close your eyes. Picture the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen. Now picture you watching that sunset while eating your favorite ice cream. Feel that tingle? Yeah…laying eyes on Fabio is kind of like that.

Are you more of a boy-from-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks, or misunderstood-but-obscenely-rich-bachelor?
I’d say boy from the wrong side of the tracks…mainly because life is confusing and I can’t figure out what side of the tracks I belong.

Can you actually turn into a lion?
Contrary to popular belief….yes…I mean no

What do you do when you’re not seducing readers?
Usually seducing myself. I also like hiking, going to the movies alone (cry for me I don’t care) getting my pump on, and playing with my cat Sterling.

Seriously though, what do you want readers to know about Brian Watson (other than you’ve got the blue-eyed smolder of a Norse god)?
I don’t think you know how awesome I really am.


Oh, we know, Brian Watson. We know. 

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