Happy Galentine’s Day – Literature’s Best BFFs

hester_gdayLet’s all take a moment to thank Leslie Knope for a holiday ladies can all get behind – Galentine’s Day. Invented by Amy Poehler’s perky character on Parks and Rec, this holiday delights in one of our most favorite things: lady friends! Sure, maybe it’s fun to give your sweetie some flowers and candy, but come on, girlfriends are where it’s at, amirite? Ovaries before brovaries!

So crack a bottle of bubbly with your favorite gal pals and take a gander (goose?) at our favorite literature lady besties.

minnie and moo go dancing coverMinnie and Moo (Minnie and Moo series) – Minnie and Moo might be the most fabulous pair of best friends to grace children’s literature. These bovine besties march to the beat of their own hoofs, and according to author Denys Cazet are “ loyal friends rather than followers of the herd.”
ghost world covrEnid and Rebecca (Ghost World) – Never mind that they sort of drift apart at the end – we all do that from time to time, but that doesn’t change the impact high school best friends can have on your life. Plus it’s a snarky, dirty sort of pleasure to follow Enid and Rebecca as they wander detachedly through town, picking apart bystanders and musing that they might be lesbians. Eat your heart out, Daria.
betsy tacy and tib coverBetsy, Tacy and Tib (Betsy series) – I grew up on Betsy, Tacy and Tib and their imaginative, uncomplicated adventures. The series follows the girls from elementary school through marriage in 1940’s small town Minnesota, and depicts girls you could imagine being your own best friends – Betsy, the creative story teller, Tacy, the shy, but kind-hearted friend, and Tib, the adventurous flirt. It’s simple, but in a charming, warm-hearted kind of way.
angus thongs and full frontal snoggingGeorgia Nicholson and her Ace Gang (Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging) – Of all of the books, of all of the girls I’ve read about, Georgia and her besties Jas, Ellen and Jools remind me the most of the silliness that my friends and I got into in high school. You know, giggly, passing notes, talking about boys, figuring out makeup silliness. Because let’s be honest – the best friends you could possibly have are the ones that make you laugh the hardest, but also tell you when your eyebrows look a bit weird, right?
daughter of smoke and bone coverKarou and Zuzanna (Daughter of Smoke and Bone) – While it may take a bit for Zuze to warm on you, what with her sort of annoying extra-fiesty “I’m small but I’m loud!” personality, it’s easy to see after a few chapters why Karou and Zuzana are BFFs: They would do anything for each other. Crossing deserts, fighting battles, providing moral support and banter about chocolate cake and world peace – they keep each other going over some pretty heavy stuff.
orphan train coverVivian and Molly (Orphan Train) – One is a quiet elderly Irish immigrant who grew up in the Depression-era, the other a seventeen-year-old Goth trying to stay out of juvie. It’s hard to imagine that these two would find friendship. But when a community service project brings them together, they share their histories and hurts, showcasing the bravery and strength in these two pretty kickass ladies.
Anne of Green GablesAnne and Diana (Anne of Green Gables) – At first glance one might think the sweetly bland Diana Barry doesn’t have much in common with precocious, romantic Anne Shirley, but these two Edwardian girls know how to pull each other out of some serious pre-teen depths of despair, such as bad hair dyes, accidental intoxication, and overactive imaginations. Anne and Diana were two of my first fictional kindred spirits, and a great example of true BFFs – Bosom Friends Forever.
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