Fifty Shades of Crap

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“Oh crap.”
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It’s here, like it or not, the movie that people have drooled over, laughed at, debated heavily and are even boycotting. Fifty Shades of Grey has arrived on the big screen, and we’ve got one word for you, stolen from the biten lips of the main character herself: Crap.

Anastasia thinks or utters the word “Crap” nearly one hundred times in this book, varying from “Holy crap” (the most popular), to the dreaded “Double crap.” It’s all just so… crappy.

I think…I mean, I’m no expert here… Anastasia might say “crap” more than Strong Bad.

Now who thinks the movie will be as stinky as the book?

Here’s some of our favorite OH CRAP moments:

  • “Double crap – me and my two left feet!”
  • “His tone is stern. I flush, again. Crap.”
  • “He inhales sharply, and I cringe, mortified. Crap.”
  • “I’m on my own with Grey. Double Crap. What should I say to him?”
  • “Oh crap, he wants his damned pound of flesh.”
  • “Holy crap – my mouth dries.”
  • “We’re talking about cheese… Holy crap.”
  • “Holy crap… just-fucked pigtails do not suit me either.”
  • “Crap, has he been trying to call?”
  • “Crap… this is probably going to be a fight.”
  • “Double crap. Am I in trouble?”
  • “Crap. I can’t stop crying.”
  • “Crap…Jose…shit.”
  • “Oh, crapola. Don’t get your panties in such a twist.”
  • “‘Has he emailed you?’ Oh double crap.
    ‘Yeah.’ My nonchalance is wearing thin.
    ‘What does he say?’ Oh triple crap.
  • “Crap. Okay. Jeez. What is eating him?”
  • “Holy crap. I need to take my pill.”

“Double crap. Will he ever give me a break?”

Crapfully yours,
Ladies On The Shelf

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