Hades, God of the Garbage Dump

Hades Candice Fox Book CoverTitle: Hades
Author: Candice Fox
Published: January 27, 2015
Genre: Crime thriller
Rating: ★★★★☆

I knew I was a fan of the book right from the last line of the book’s prologue. It was one of those lines that gave you the “oh, this is gonna be good” vibe, or, more specifically, the I-hope-I-don’t-need-to-participate-or-even-be-present-in-the-outside-world-so-I-can-read-this-thing kind of good.

We first meet Hades Archer, The Lord of of the Underworld/runner of a garbage dump, in a situation that needs his special brand of fixing. Hades is a “fixer,” you see. Need a body or two disposed of? Hades is your guy. I love him.

Contrary to what the title leads you to believe, Hades is not our “mainest” of main characters. I think I would assign that title to Frank Bennett, member of the Sydney Metro Homicide Squad, if only because his section is the only one that’s told in first person. Why, then, is it called Hades? I’m speculating here, but I don’t think a crime drama called Frank would have sold as many copies.

Frank, a transfer from the North Sydney department, is partnered with Eden, Hades’ “daughter.” Her creeper of a brother, Eric, is also on the squad. Eden, Eric, and their very often mentioned angular faces are a bit…off. This is best seen through Frank’s observations since he’s the squad’s newbie. Spoiler-alert-but-not-really: Eden and Eric are killers. Reading Eden’s perspective, you find yourself feeling her actions are less menacing than they are justifiable, excusable. You’re sympathizing (and rooting?) for vengeance-driven serial killers. It’s all very Dexter. But through Frank, the reader is given a dose of reality.

Frank, Eden, Eric, and Sydney’s finest are on the hunt for a serial killer who runs a transplant/”chop shop” business. Gross. We heard a lot from said serial killer in all parts of the book but the end which is really a bummer. The ending is somewhat anticlimactic, almost rushed. Still, it tied together well and set up for the rest of series. (At least I hope this will be a series!) I was held captive…err, I was captivated by the story until the last page.

Overall, I enjoyed getting to know the characters–you know, as much as you can enjoy getting to know killers. While there were a lot of changes in perspective between characters and a bit time shifting from past to present, it had good tempo and flow which made it easy to follow. I eagerly look forward to reading the next book. Its synopsis sounds as if the book, which is entitled Eden, will give us a glimpse into the hellish backstory of Hades. Makes total sense. Hey, maybe the third book will give Frank his own title.

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