Who Wrote It Better?: Winter Edition

As embarrassing as it may be for one celebrity to be caught wearing the same thing as another, many of us common folk find true delight in comparing the two and declaring a winner. This fashion face-off of “Who Wore It Better?” has inspired a literary twist in the form of a bookish battle we like to call “Who Wrote It Better?”



Like Coco Chanel, Hawthorne accessorizes perfectly, but instead of donning the iconic Chanel 2.55 handbag, Hawthorn uses personification to enhance his outfit…errr, writing. By using such language, the reader can practically see the movement, can feel winter blowing in. What’s more, “Winter is at hand” sounds quite dramatic when disconsolately declared aloud. However, said declaration loses a little of its oomph when one shakes one’s adorable mittened fist to the sky. Mittens…not made for oomph.

Martin takes a very minimalist, very nude-lip-bare-face-hair-slicked-back-in-ponytail kind of approach. The motto of House Stark can be taken literally: The seasons are changing and it’s about to get cold in the North due to its location in relation to the equator. But a deeper meaning can also be found: Be ready for bad stuff. (Or, you know, something more eloquent.)

Although Hawthorne’s writing is just as beautifully adorned as Audrey Hepburn’s perfect little tiaraed head in Roman Holiday, this Minnesotan is going to give the win to Martin purely because of the sheer number of relatable memes it has spurred.

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