The Best Library Gifts for Your Favorite Book Lover

Not sure what kind of books your boo likes to read? Stumped about what to get your favorite librarian? Never fear! We’ve got the most charming library-themed gifts for your Christmas giving, perfect for your favorite bibliophile (without the risk of choosing a bad book – as if a book could ever be a bad gift).

personal library kit-200Personal Library Kit. It’s like childhood “This Book Belongs to” stickers got together with the Dewey Decimal system and had an adorable nostalgia baby! For your books! Everything you need to make sure everyone knows that book is MINE.
old books candle-200Old Books Scented Soy Candle. Book lovers agree there are fewer greater joys in life than the smell of an old book, and this genius candle maker has recreated this smell for your home! What does an old book smell like? “Timber, White Tea, Newsprint, Must,” apparently. I’m just itching to get my hands on one and smell it for myself! BONUS: Other scents include (BE STILL, my library-loving heart!!) Cliffs of Insanity, Winterfell, The Shire, and Trashy Romance Novel, among many other delights.
library due date scarf-200Library Date Due Scarf. Wrap your library lover in a cozy silk-screened scarf emblazoned with the timeless icon of days long past, days before Internet searches and books running out of batteries.
hot and literate-200“Caution: Hot. And Literate.” Mug. Sure, we can’t all go to Harvard, but we can sip our coffee with double entendres with the best of them.
curtain-200Card Catalog Curtain. “What’s that, mom?” “It’s an ancient Google, kiddo.” Won’t these look great in your bookish boo’s bedroom or study?
Bookshade Book Rest Lamp 200Bookshade Book Rest Lamp. Hot damn, this is a great dual-functioning gadget! Keep your place in your book and enjoy an adorable nightlight! Or turn your favorite book into your favorite lamp!
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