“A Zombie in Possession of Brains Must be in Want of More Brains”



Halloween is my favorite time of year. There’s nothing I like better than playing dress up. And the decorations! Macabre and black and orange and rotting. I love it.

My mother shares this passion with me. She’s been known to throw a hell of a Halloween party, complete with a different theme decor for each room (witch’s kitchen, mad scientist’s lab, etc. etc.).
She’s also the person who instilled my love of reading and took me to the library where I absorbed fairy tales and fantasies and books that inspire this love of all things otherworldly and Halloween-y. (Oh, and dress up. Mom always was killer with dress up).
For a Halloween literary happy hour, I of course recall my mother’s Halloween parties, at which she introduced me to many fine drinking gems. My favorite: the Brain Hemorrhage. Peach schnapps (or vodka, if you’re a little daring), Bailey’s poured over the top, with just a splash of grenadine to garnish. And what’s that look like? Yeah. Braaaaaainnnz.

Speaking of brains, what better to pair with All Hallow’s Eve and your glass o’ brains than Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Like Halloween being a mix of old traditions (dressing in costumes) and new fads (like drinks that look like organs), Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a perfect mix of classic literature and modern monsters.

brainz shots

Takes like candy, goes down chunky. 

Word of caution: do not let the shots sit. The whole reason it looks so brainy and cool is due to curdling, and much like old milk, the longer it sits, well, the chunkier it gets. Which I guess is ok if you want to feel like you’re eating brains too.
Happy Halloween!

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