Throw Your Phone in the Woods – Two Bit True Blood Reviews

We can’t just sit back and let the final season of True Blood go un-commentated just because it’s a festering pile of ridiculousness. Sure, it’s bad, but that’s why we love to hate it. It’s almost based on a series of books, and therefore we feel like we have to weigh in.  Sit back and revel in the filth with us – don’t worry, the show isn’t to be taken seriously, and neither are these reviews.

Jessi: I can’t delete this episode from my DVR because I may need to rewatch Sookie throwing her phone into the woods again for the millionth time. Let’s just hope the fate of Bon Temps (or the world) doesn’t depend on Sookie’s arm. Wait, did anyone figure out what this upcoming season is about from that preview?

Caitlin: Holy harkening back to season one, batman! Sookie mind reading and being shunned by the town, and a solid reminder that Jason Stackhouse is why we can’t watch this show with our parents. RIP to the show’s lead doormat (did anything nice EVER happen to Tara?).

Erin: I wanna hang out with Lafayette. And I hate Pam for not drinking the kid’s blood and they better not drag out this search for Eric too long. Those are the only three characters I really care about right now…

Anyone got any good gifs of Sookie throwing that phone?

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