Werewolf Gatorade – Literary Happy Hour

What to read:Pleasure of a Dark Prince, Kresley Cole
What to drink: Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey, Stone Ruination IPA

werewolf gatorade

Stone Ruination IPA and Dewar’s “White Label” (why are there quotation marks? Are they saying that label isn’t really white??). Both rugby thirst quenchers can be found at Bevmo.

“The demons took the opportunity to take a timeout and drink demon brew. The only bad thing about playing with demons – one of the few species in the Lore that could contend with the Lykae in a physical contest – was their continual ‘brew breaks.’ Only seemed fair that Garreth and his kinsman shoot copious amounts of whiskey to mitigate their advantage. They swilled it straight from the bottle, each one with his own, the Lykae version of Gatorade. Their cooler was full of fifths.”

Only seems natural that in an immortal rugby game between werewolves and demons the booze flows freely, right? Right?? Truthfully, the excerpts I have read from Erin’s new favorite series might be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read, but shit, it’s entertaining as hell.

I, being the mere mortal that I am, am not entirely sure what demon brew is – but “brew” in drinking jargon normally constitutes a beer, and I like to think demons have a palate for dark, high alcohol content brews – namely one that has a “ruinous effect on your palate.” You know, ones us mortals struggle with, but other worldly creatures find refreshing and light. Insert Ruination IPA, which conveniently has a demon on its label. Fitting.

As for our werewolf friends, if it’s in fifths, and they’re playing rugby in Louisiana, one can only assume it ain’t the fancy shit. Dewar’s it is. In fifths. Straight from the bottle.

werewolf gatorade 2

This photo brought to you by fake plastic teeth and the smell of cheap scotch. Sorry, werewolf fur not included.

Play on.


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