Top 5 Upcoming Romance Series Continuations

Mark your calendars and prepare your bosoms for some serious heaving – we’ve got new romance novels coming our way! Here’s a list of upcoming continued series releases that have my bookish heart all aflutter.

The Kraken King, Part 1, Meljean BrookThe Kraken King (The Iron Seas #4), Meljean Brook
Genre: Steampunk
Release date: April 15
Why I’m excited: I can’t describe this series any better than Ms. Brook herself does on her website: “The Iron Seas series combines nanotech and pirates with a gritty, gaslit Victorian atmosphere to create swashbuckling steampunk romance…heavy on the steam.” Heavy on the steam, indeed. Also heavy on the compelling characters and well-constructed alternate history steampunk world! The Kraken King is a bit different in that it will be published as an eight part serial starting tomorrow, April 15. I loved the previous books in this series, but I might wait for a trade paperback of all eight parts of this one to be published before I read it.

It Happened One Wedding, Julie JamesIt Happened One Wedding (FBI/US Attorney #5), Julie James
Genre: Contemporary
Release date: May 6
Why I’m excited: Before I started reading this series a couple of years ago, my experience with contemporary romance novels had been limited to Fifty Shades of Grey – let’s just say I wasn’t terribly impressed with the sub genre. Then I stumbled upon the works of Julie James. Her characters have real jobs and act like normal people, mostly. They’re still wealthy and glamorous enough to be entertaining instead of depressing, but they don’t make me want to tear my hair out. Success! This installment features cheeky recurring character Vaughn, FBI agent extraordinaire, and some lady he meets at a wedding, I guess.

Rusty Nailed, Alice ClaytonRusty Nailed, Alice Clayton
Genre: Contemporary
Release date: June 24
Why I’m excited: Has any romance novel ever had a worse title? (Sadly, the answer is yes.) Romance novel titles are consistently quite silly, but this one is just…odd. Rusty Nailed is a sequel to Alice Clayton’s hilarious 2013 novel Wallbanger, so I can see where she’s going with that, but I still think it’s awkward and stupid. Bad romance title aside, I’m hoping for an entertaining read because Wallbanger had me laughing out loud throughout the entire book, and was surprisingly light on crass and heavy on heartwarming.

Dark Skye, Kresley ColeDark Skye (Immortals After Dark #15), Kresley Cole
Genre: Paranormal
Release date: August 5
Why I’m excited: In this hilarious and well-written paranormal romance series, mythical creatures of “the Lore” hide in plain sight in the regular world as different factions conspire against each other for immortal dominance (with sexy results, natch). This fifteenth book of the series features semi-recurring characters Melanthe and Thronos. You might remember them from such previous installments as Kiss of a Demon King and Demon from the Dark, in which case you might also remember that Melanthe was last seen being forcefully abducted by Thronos during a prison raid. Sounds like romance is afoot!

Sarah MacLeanNever Judge a Lady by Her Cover (The Rules of Scoundrels #4), Sarah MacLean
Genre: Historical
Release date: November 25 (Cover image not available yet)
Why I’m excited: Rogues behaving badly! Seedy gaming hells! Twenty-four-year-old spinsters! We must be talking about historical romance. This series follows four gentlemen who were born to the elite of London society but fell to the dregs of the unfashionable underworld because of various stupid shit they did in their youth. But as far as tortured romantic heroes go, Sarah MacLean’s guys are way more entertaining than obnoxious. Their stories are compelling and the heroines are light on insipid, so I’m sold. Plus this final book in the series promises a pretty cool, ambitious twist of the likes I have not yet seen in my lengthy romance reading history. Keep your smelling salts on hand while reading, ladies and gentlemen, because swooning is inevitable.

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