Brace Yourselves – Black Milk Clothing Game of Thrones Line Is Coming March 11!

If you happen to follow us on Pinterest (shameless plug), you’ll notice we love both literary fashion and bookish art.

And while we don’t always love the same literature, one thing’s for damn sure: we LOVE Game of Thrones. Books, TV, Wikis… GIVE IT TO US.

So of course it’s thrilling that, in conjunction with the upcoming 4th season of GOT, nerdy-chic spandex clothing company Black Milk Clothing has released a line of GOT-inspired clothing.

Launching March 11, this line features House sigils, maps of Westeros and even the Iron Throne.

While I personally can’t say I have the slightest idea what I’d wear with dragon scale leggings, I just love that they keep putting this stuff out there. BM has also ventured into Batman, Adventure Time, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter territory. In short (or shorts, haha), if you’re looking for high fashion geekery, this stuff has your name on it.

In the game of spandex, you win, or you lie… down to put your pants on. Leggings are tight!

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