New Year’s Resolution – BINGO!

Behind getting fit and saving money, learning is up there on the list of popular New Year’s resolutions. For us, learning comes hand in hand with reading.

For our New Year’s resolutions, we took a cue from Retreat by Random House Canada and made 24 resolutions, to be exact. That’s right, we were inspired by the Random House literary bingo and each made 24 (plus one free space!) literary goals for 2014.

To keep it interesting – well, more interesting, because what’s more interesting than a literary adventure, right? – we’ve added some bonuses for hitting milestones on our charts:

  1. One book covers 4 or more spaces: “Losers” send a new book
  2. First one to BINGO: “losers” send a lit-themed care package
  3. Second BINGO: Winner picks our next reading assignment
  4. Full Board: Winner goes on a literature-themed adventure (planned by the losers)

One more bonus: we got crafty and made our own individual boards! Check them out:

Stay tuned to watch our progress!

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