Caitlin’s Literary Bingo

Cait's BINGO board

  1. Get a library card
  2. Read a non-fiction
  3. Read a classic novel
  4. Read a book in one week
  5. Read a young adult novel with a non-female lead
  6. Read a YA adaptation
  7. Read something I’ve been putting off
  8. Read a 2014 NY Times Best Seller
  9. Read something from Oprah’s book club
  10. Read a romance novel
  11. Read a contemporary YA novel
  12. Read a collection of original fairy tales
  13. Read a non-best selling book from a best selling author
  14. Read something by Douglas Adams
  15. Read a biography
  16. Read an urban fantasy
  17. Create a Good Reads account
  18. Read a book by someone under 30
  19. Read a book featuring an LGBT lead
  20. Finish Howl’s Moving Castle
  21. Read an adult book by a children’s author
  22. Read a book written by a celebrity
  23. Read a self-published book
  24. Read a YA book without a love triangle
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